Thursday, 18 March 2010

wearing his glasses made his eyes hurt

I worked with a great guy who had had glasses but they resulted in his eyes feeling really uncomfortable. When he was reading on a white background, silently, he was actually mumbling the words to himself. This is very common among people whose academic progress is being limited by their reading.
When reading aloud, he was pronouncing each syllable separately as if he was having what in the ‘dyslexia world’ what is referred to as difficulties with ‘decoding’.
He told me that he was very easily distracted when he was studying. Any movement around him led his eyes to shoot off and look. At whatever it was.
I put him on the eye tracker, and it was clear that after the first two line of reading, his right eye started turning in, gradually turning away from the text he was reading. His left eye meanwhile continued trying to take pictures of the words in the correct sequence.
As his right eye turned in, his left eye movement became less and less symmetrical; more erratic.
He told me that after about ten minutes of reading, he had to take a break, because it became pointless.
After calculating the optimal screen background for hi, as well as his reading sped going up, he stopped mumbling, and started to sound really fluent.
When we put the eye tracker on him it was very different, to when he was reading on white.
Both eyes stayed working together; fewer steps were needed on each line of text.
He found the whole reading process more comfortable and said that he found he could understand the ideas better.

Seen it before though…many times... But it is always great listening to the comments!

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