Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Discussion today with a guy who works as a greenkeeper.

Now you know what I do Chas!!!! It is really a similar thing to the way chlorophyll grabs the photons in photosynthesis... aka your turf!
There are three types of pigment cells in the retina when you read. The ratio of cells varies from person to person.
The amount of data sent per millisecond) from retina to the 'camera control system ( the muscles)' controls the amount of 'camera shake as they take the pictures and are coordinated together'
By getting the relative brightness of the screen pixels correct you can maximise this and the result is what you 'felt'/./.smoother cameras control!!
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put another way; you would be really happy working in a dark green environment but with real problems of concentration in a 'redbrick...urban environment'!!

Ok back to your studying. We know that the reading speed of a personal most directly correlates with their 'academic performance', not their intelligence whatever that is.
But of course it is the reading speed on white! What you get.
It is as if we all had to run a race but everyone had to wear size 8 shoes.... OK if you have size 8 feet but otherwise you would be slower, not want to run too much or too often. As you go up the academic ladder, whatever your subject area the amount of pressure to read and write more increases. The ones at the top of the ladder, most of who read very quickly, do so on 'white'... Surprise surprise.
The great thing about ICT is that it is no longer the rule.. The rules have been changed. I have got to get people to realise this... use it and see what happens... If you have a go at TintMyScreen you can set your computer at your optimum... I do not know what the outcome will be for you, but my expectation is high.

That was fun writing that (on my magenta background! which you would hate!

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