Friday, 9 April 2010

Why Finland has higher academic success..BBC World news

The story about Finnish educational outcomes should not be surprising. Finnish is probably the 'most transparent'language in existence.. What you see is what you say. There is very little ambiguity in meaning. Whereas English is one of the most opaque. Full of ambiguity which makes it difficult to use BUT capable of amazing subtlety and poetry.
There are problems of functionalliteracy in the UK and other english speaking and reading countries for the countries for the poorest 20% of the reading population. It is quite easy to compare educational performance in countries of similar economic performance and see the link with the language transparency. Within Finland though there are still many problems for people because they need to read off white backgrounds.But that is another story.
If there are lots of decsions to bemmade in the brain when analysing the words being photographed,then there will be less'computing power' for the brain to work out what the meaning of the sentences/paragraphs are. The 'visual photography needs to be made as easy, low demand, as possible. Now what was the reast of this blog about?

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