Tuesday, 23 October 2012

‘ Are children in our schools bullied into not wearing their glasses?’

There is research evidence that we should expect between 20-25 % of children in British schools to be wearing glasses if they are going to really succeed.
In British schools, my survey suggests that just  over 10% are actually wearing glasses. Simplistically this suggests that between 10-15% of school children who should be wearing glasses are not, for whatever reason. That would be between 700,000 and a million school children.

The reality of the data is actually far more insidious.  The data suggests that the % wearing glasses peaks at around year 4 at around 12%. After this it levels off until the secondary school, when it starts to plummet, dropping to 8% and possibly even lower before they take their keystage 4 examinations.
Are they being bullied into not wearing them?
At 8%, 12- 17% of British schoolchildren trying to do their examinations at an amazing disadvantage. Let alone having compromised themselves in the years leading up to it.  That will be between 100,000 and 110,000 this year alone!!
Perhaps the government is looking at the wrong way of trying to increase academic success here!
Perhaps the schools cannot see what should be in front of their pupils faces!
(survey sample size at present 1088)

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