Friday, 5 October 2012

Two years of silence

For two years I have posted nothing to this blog.
It is time to start again. In the last two years I have worked with a wide range of fantastic people.  At no time has anyone who experienced the work I and my friends do, have they found fault with it. Professionals in the world of dyslexia support in many universities want it for their students.  Professional optometrists have worked with us giving rise to increasingly robust protocols. 
Then yesterday I met  a guy who I have known for the past year who tells me about his 9 year old son, who is having difficulties at school. He tells me that he has a whole range of  issues.
easily distracted
an eye that turns
hated reading
clumsy especially after trying to read.
Regular ear infections/glue ear.
This is not rocket science. 
These can be dealt with. 
People play with colour and dismiss it because it is not done well. . 
Adults manage a world where people deny they have visual problems won't wear glasses they need because' they do not suit me', allow bullying of people with 'four eyes'. even teachers.
Teachers do not check which of their kids should be wearing glasses. Which of their kids have hearing problems. 
Do not even modify the way they teach to allow for the differences between children.
Adults work all day in front of computer screens which 'do their heads in' and think that that is how it has to be.
This will be posted in font point 12 I guess but about half the population need it to be point 16 or greater!  How can I change that?
I have tried to change it to a grey (80% background. That should make it easier for most. but even then it looks like it will be a stripy effect!

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