Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Over one hundred thousand exam takers in UK in need of glasses.?

Are the children  in British school wearing glasses if they need them?

The graph below shows the result of a small survey of  schools in the UK,actually in all were in England.

This is not claiming to be a scientific survey just the response of parents and teachers to the question.

How many children are in your child's class and how many are wearing glasses and what year are they in? 

The sample sizes vary from year group to year group so see this only as a starting point.  More data is needed to confirm or deny what  looks to be happening.

As would be expected, the % of children wearing glasses goes up gradually from year 1 as more get sent to the optician as difficulties become obvious.
Then from year 8 (second year at the senior school, the % starts to plummet down to the lowest point when they take their examinations!

This  suggests a serious problem.  Either suddenly their visual problems are being magically ‘cured’  or there is a serious problem in our schools which is ignored.  If it really does go down to 5% in year 11, then that means between 20% and 25% of our children taking their examinations are being disabled unnecessarily.

 14% of these are actually known by parents or teachers to be disabled.

So at the lowest estimate at least 72,000   and at most  150,000 of our children taking examinations this year.  Criminal waste.

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