Friday, 8 March 2013

Eyeshields for low vision patients and other low vision aids.

For a long time now different colored eye shields have been recommended for various low vision conditions. People talk and write about evidence based research and not relying on anecdotal evidence.

I challenge anyone to find the evidence based research or even the anecdotal evidence to support the recommendations about the color of eye shields. I can find none.  

Most low vision aids for reading concern themselves with the ability to raise the font up to compensate for loss of acuity.  This in itself restricts visual span and perceptual span such that the person finds themselves having to decode words one or two letters at a time.

The reading is really slow and the fluency is lost together with comprehension and a lot of the enjoyment.

We are looking at the way objective analysis of visual performance and text parameters may increase visual span and everything which flows from it. It should be a useful research project.

If you work with low vision patients you will already be aware that colour background to text is an option from a limited palette on much of the specialist equipment and software.

The palette offered, as with many accessibility options on websites is totally irrational and not evidence based. 

Let’s see what happens. It could contribute to the visual processing and phonological processing interaction components of dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

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