Tuesday, 12 March 2013

When is a person with difficulties reading a dyslexic person?

When is a person with difficulties reading a dyslexic person ?

Tomorrow I will meet for the second time a group of people who have found getting employment really difficult. Whether an educational psychologist would define/label them as Dyslexic I do not know and in a way is not relevant.

  • They have difficulties when they read.

  • They find reading job descriptions difficult.

  • They find filling in forms difficult.

I think that most of them had problems at school and I know some of them had a lot of support at school. Tomorrow I will find out just how well they can read and whether they can be easily assisted.

I will not be teaching them. I will be listening to them and then using some basic biology to  find out how their visual system and then their phonological processing responds to changes in the appearance of the text..
We will consider
  1. Basic eye function.
  2. Font size
  3. Computer screen brightness.
  4. The RGB settings of the computer screen background.

We will use a binocular eyetracker to measure the perceptual span as they read. ( please see previous postings)

  1. In default conditions.
  2. In the identified optimal conditions.

I will report any changes in outcome on the blog.

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