Thursday, 10 January 2013

Effects of text optimization on a dyslexic student

Initial analysis suggests the following.
Default  conditions
99 fixation   26.2 sec

83 words  ( MS word definition)
0.84 words per fixation   3.78 fixations per second  265 milliseconds per fixation

Optimum conditions
77 fixations    15 sec

88 words (MS word definition)

1.14 words per fixation   5.13 fixations per second    194 milliseconds per fixation

Change in words per fixation…   +34 %
Increase in speed of fixation  edge detection/ ‘decoding’  36%.

You can look at this data in terms of mean number of characters decoded per fixation ( Visual attention span)
5 characters per fixation
7  (6.68) characters per fixation

This suggests an increase in visual attention span of 36%.
Increase in speed of processing of individual characters..
Default   18.8 characters per second

Optimal  34.2 characters per second. An  82% increase in character recognition speed!

This should give rise to reduced demand on your central executive/working memory which should release RAM for thinking about the ideas AS you read.

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